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It was not until I had accidentally come across this curious article I'm going to tell you about that I took any interest in art. Or, I might have to say, any interest in art as a viewer, as I had always been drawing something on the other sides of my school papers, more out of sheer boredom than for any other reason. Not that this had anything to do with art though. Why am I saying this? Oh, let's start again.
It was not until I had accidentally come across this curious article I'm going to tell you about that I took any interest in art. The whole story is quite mysterious, I have to warn you, and the first mysterious thing about it is the fact that I was actually reading that article. This is mysterious because the article was part of the internet site I had never visited before (God only knows how I got there) and the manner of writing was quite a restrained one leaving no figures of speech to catch my eye. Moreover, the article was telling the reader about an exhibition in Moscow (which is a thousand kilometers away from my hometown) of paintings of an Edward Hopper, someone I had never heard of before. Why on earth would I still care and be reading on? I told you it was a mysterious story, didn't I? The article also contained a short biography of the painter, which was of no particular interest but which I was nonetheless reading attentively. Apparently, it had an end. And at the end there was an image of one of Hopper's paintings. Which...

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меня сейчас совершенно понимает Кейт Нэш, которая очень как-то радостно поет о

i conducted a plan
to bump into you most accidentally but
i was walking along
and i bumped into you much more heavily than
i'd originally planned
it was - well, embarrassing and
i think you thought that i was a bit of a twat

или там

so i went to that party
everyone playing kind of arty
and i was wearing this dress
cause i wanted to impress
but i wasn't sure if i looked my best
cause i was so nervous
but i
carried on regardless strutting through each room trying
to find you
and when i saw you
kissing that girl
my heart it shattered
and my eyes they watered
and when i tried to speak i stu-uttered

(скачать можно здесь; интересно, кто-то вообще скачивает все эти песни?)

ну и всякое такое. я, правда, далеко не так весела и жизнерадостна. зато мэр мне недавно торжественно вручил триста с лишним баксов, поэтому я пошла и купила стопочку книжек и журналов. а мама принесла мне печенье "зоопарк". ничего более удивительного со мной в жизни не происходило, честное слово.

ничего более информативного от меня можете не ждать еще месяца три. терпеть не могу лето, зато вот, нашла фотографию. это год назад, и у меня здесь определенно непорядок с носом.

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не знаю, почему так получается, что я здесь непременно ною; может быть, потому, что когда радуешься, хочется просто радоваться; да, это не по наслышке, я и радуюсь иногда тоже.
итак, нытье: я чертов уродец. не так, как Фрэнни; у нее ведь был Зуи, они могли сказать друг другу: "Бадди и Симор сделали из нас уродцев" и поплакать в уголке, и свалить все на всех вокруг, на кого угодно. я даже не знаю, кого обвинить в моем уродстве; мне кажется, мне стало бы легче, если бы было можно спихнуть это на кого-то; но на кого, господи, на кого. на курсах, куда я хожу вместо школы (там один сплошной английский), нам дают пять пословиц, говорят выбрать любую и дома написать a fiction story, иллюстрирующую ее. пословицы все совершенно ужасные (if there is a will, there is a way; he who hesitates is lost, бла), единственное нормальное - a fool can throw a stone into a well, that a hundred wise men cannot pull out. на первых взгляд: дурак может наделать такой фигни, что сто умников не могут вернуть все на свои места. но мне кажется, там есть и второе. я пишу неплохую, как мне кажется, историю, а когда я прихожу туда на следующий день, на свои курсы, я понимаю, что она ужасна. чудовищная история, просто кошмар. то есть, это та же история, но такое чувство, что ее подменили. или я написала ее под гипнозом, или еще что. история о том, как два профессора (фамилия одного из них - Таппер, но вряд ли кто-то оценил это) сидели в пабе после тяжелого рабочего дня. they did not even look tired, though; they were enthusiastically discussing something, their beers almost untouched. if you came closer to them, you would hear professor Tupper say: "I'm convinced we live in a four-dimensial space. there're quite a lot of arguments for it. the whole idea is based on the theory of relativity, by Einstein, modestly refined by me. as you've most probably already understood, the fourth dimension is time".
"sounds interesting", professor King said in a low voice. "but time is irreversable. you can never change the past while you can easily change the future".
"that's it! and you can never say what'll happen tomorrow while you can easily recall what happened yesterday. these are the main distinctions between time and the other dimensions. I guess I know everything about time. and thus I do not support Arthur Eddington's theory, you know, the one claiming there're two kinds of time: entropy time and semiotic time. that's just ridiculous. semiotic time comprisies all the things we have invented, the things that shouldn't even be taken into consideration. time's entropy, that's obvious."
"but why can't we take into consideration our own inventions? aren't they part of the world we live in?"
"oh, they are. but time is eternal, and we are not, and the world we live in is not. we have devised weeks, months, years. we have decided that monday is followed by tuesday, and this is always the case. but I can claim it's sunday today, in spite of the whole world thinking it's wednesday. they won't persuade me. in fact, we haven't invented anything, we have just given the names".
God only knows how long would the conversation haul if a drunk man didn't approach the two and ask a simple question:
"what's the time, guys?"
neither of the professors thought of a slightest possibility that he only wanted to know what the clock was saying. professor Tupper had a difficulty finding a definition.
"erm... well, you know, time is... like... er... kind of... uh, maybe it's a stream of...", he mumbled, blushing.
the drunk man was glancing at him in surprise.
"can't you just tell me what the time is?"
"ugh... you see... it's not a simple question, actually... I'll probably need some time... God, some... hours... to think it over. after all, I'm just a mathematics professor. ask him!", he cried, pointing at professor King.
professor King looked confused and offended at the same time.
"you're a philosophy professor, aren't you?", said professor Tupper trying to cover his cowardly behaviour.
"and you've just told me you knew everything about time, haven't you?"
a strained silence followed.

не знаю уж, зачем я показываю ее вам, но сейчас мне снова кажется, что она хорошая, не идеальная, может, но хорошая, а когда я приду туда завтра, мне снова станет казаться, что это кошмар. я не говорю уже о курином бульоне и котлете. особенно о котлете - не говорю

все остальные написали поучительные истории про мальчика, у которого была a will, и потому он нашел a way, или про девочку, которая hesitated at first, но потом поняла, что так дело не пойдет, и исправилась.

на завтра у меня снова пять дурацких пословиц

опять напишу что-нибудь, за что мне будет стыдно


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заранее извиняюсь, но
"vainglorious" и "тщеславный"! полное, абсолютное совпадение!!!!!!

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у меня два вопроса для разбирающихся в английском:

1. а что, правда "surprised with" - неправильно?
2. слова doubt и dubious однокоренные? связаны ли они как-нибудь вообще?

для неразбирающихся:

и так далее

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