какой только фигней я не страдаю, когда не могу заснуть
хорошо забытое и исковерканное старое

i am extremely sorry but hardly alive enough to
be able to smile at those who insist they have known me the best
and i am trying hard not to burst into either tears or laughter
and i can see no point in deciphering anything out of
the whispers of people i've never met
and, to be honest, i'd never like to.

their voices are lost in a violet hurricane along with the lockets
and the letters engraved on them; along with both what you never lacked in
and what you're with your last bit of strength protecting;
and if there remained anything in the world, it's the whistle of wind in your pockets
which is kind of dejecting.

but it fades away as well, and there's nothing left
except for the fact that there's nothing left; and the world reappears
in the morning, when you find yourself in your bed
feeling like you have spent in a coma a good ten years (which is no regret
but you'll probably have to devise excuses for the constant tears
on your face, and the sobs, that are often heard
from inside your room, for another ten years).

anyway there comes the time when you padlock it in a box, hide it under the bed
for fear somebody may find it and want to open;
and soon you no longer hear it throbbing inside like a bat,
and you have no problem coping
with every attack of irrational terror; the only consequence left
is how you scream your head
off when the lights go out; but, to be honest, that
does not even happen often.

@темы: mother goose rhymes

2008-01-08 в 08:42 

разве забытое?
ты во второй строчке с конца забыла be, найдешь, где)
твой английский просто.. и перевод.

2008-01-08 в 12:33 

спасибо, исправила )
у меня же есть словарь! ) но спасибо все равно.

2008-01-08 в 12:55 

bunny hitler
yes.i'm an ignorant fool with a billion ambitions,much more interesting than you are.
yeap. it's nice, ur English, I mean, but not 10 years in a coma.

2008-01-08 в 13:20 

можно спросить, почему нет? )

2008-01-08 в 13:37 

bunny hitler
yes.i'm an ignorant fool with a billion ambitions,much more interesting than you are.
моя мама была в коме. аnd it wаsn't hot thаt much.

2008-01-08 в 13:44 

я и не утверждаю, что это hot, боже мой.

2008-01-08 в 14:25 

класс! in english ещё лучше

2008-01-08 в 14:51 

спасибо, Катя )


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